Blackpool Headlands
Trim Trail

We designed St. Chad's Headland with a coherent language of features that supply a fun and quirky approach to exercise and display, with echoes of circus performance and 'muscle beach'.

'The Big Swing' is a 40 metre long stainless steel arc of swings that start baby-sized (2 metres) at one end and get higher and higher to a scary 5 metres at the other. It will provide a draw for all ages as well as fantastic photo opportunities for visitors, and explicitly demonstrates the concept of 'play for all'.

The 'Balance Beam' is a fun challenge for all ages as well as an exercise bar. This snaking structure will seem to be supported by the sand dune topography, a balance beam pathway thet disappears into and re-emerges from the ground as well as joining with the other two Trim Trail elements. It will also be used as an informal seat by all ages.

Our 'Trapeze Mobile' is a curvilinear stainless steel support structure (sharing the same elliptical profile as the other elements) for various shapes and sizes of trapeze holds, hanging at different heights to enable a wide range of ages and abilities to use them.

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