Chimney Park
Dublin, 2008
Dublin Docklands Development Agency
Landscape Architect:
Chris Meade
Lighting Designer:
Simon Corder

This innovative play park was commissioned by Dublin Docklands Development Agency as a result of an international design competition, and sets a new benchmark for the design of public play environments by successfully integrating high quality play facilities within an urban pocket-park.

Following an extensive public consultation process involving creative workshops and public events from which we discovered what the play and recreational needs were for all of the stakeholders, our designs were enthusiatically received and Chimney Park opened in spring 2009.

It's name comes from the vast brick chimney that dominates the site and our designs include subtle handholds created by replacing some of the bricks around the base with specially fabricated ones. Sand and water play is facilitated by a sandy 'delta' where water is provided by a hand pump and can be directed by building dams and channels.

The site is surrounded by high buildings on three sides and we inventively solved the problem of reduced sunlight with the highly original ‘zig-zag mirror wall’ which curves and undulates around the southern perimeter, kaleidoscopically throwing light and reflections back into the playground. Along the road side of the park, we installed three large and eye-catching palm trees set into their own grassy mounds.

Top quality play equipment was included that provides a range of play activities and poems written by local people during consultation workshops are engraved into the stone seating that snakes through the scheme.

Some of our earlier designs for this scheme can be seen here.

chimney park