Gillett Square
Hackney, 2010
Client: Hackney Co-operative Developments, Hackney Council Culture Team

Following a series of highly successful play consultation events, Hackney Council and Hackney Co-operative Developments decided to purchase SNUG for Gillett Square. A container was installed for storage and SNUG is brought out whenever children and adults want it - after school, at weekends and during holidays.

There is no formal supervision, just shoppers, stall-holders, coffee drinkers and parents keeping an eye out, with toddlers, children, teenagers and adults all enjoying the space together.

This project is a remarkable example of public, private and voluntary sectors coming together to create a flexible and child-friendly environment in the heart of urban Hackney.

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Gillett Square

“this allows the children to be more creative with the space...if there was someone watching over them it would create more of a confrontation with authority; but as it is, the older ones feel responsible for the younger kids and this creates a very good atmosphere...they feel it’s theirs”