Imagination Station
Hackney Central, London: 1998
LB Hackney and Groundwork Hackney.
Lighting and sound:
Simon Corder

We were commissioned to investigate the 'sense of place' that exists in the heart of Hackney. We set off to find out where people went in their imaginations as they walk down Mare Street in Hackney.

Out of many conversations with shoppers, local businesses, writers groups and library users a poem was written by Chris Meade that reflected the remembered history of this area. A sound track linked to the words in the poem was created and a video of the locality made.

We chose a local fish stall outside Hackney Central Station to show this work and for two weeks it became an 'Imagination Station'. During the day the stall operated as normal, but at night it's translucent windows and roof were lit up with projected lights, text, video and sound.

An accompanying exhibition was shown in the Central Library and a virtual version of the 'Imagination Station' was put onto a specially created web-site with hotlinks to sites all over the world.

Imagination Station