Bridge Academy
"Thinking Maths Outdoors"
Hackney, London: 2008
Funded by:
UBS Community Affairs Programme

This innovative school grounds project has transformed the playground into a more sociable and stylish environment. The large-scale geometric foam blocks give the playground a "mathematical feel" and can be re-arranged by students and staff to create their own social spaces, flexible seating and outdoor classrooms.

Bridge Academy had identified at an early stage in their development that the limited external space would provide a challenge. It was agreed that the environment of the Academy should reflect the Mathematics specialism of the school and that students should be given opportunities to interact with mathematics outside the classroom and understand how it is linked to the real world.

A Student Design Project gave all students at the Bridge Academy the opportunity to engage with the "Thinking Maths Outdoors" project.

The Mathematical Playground, Bridge Academy

"The geometric blocks made a tremendous difference to the culture of the playground and it is now a place that students enjoy being in."

"People were having more fun, a lot more fun because they got involved with everything"

"People who don't normally sit together or hang around together are now " it's a great way to socialise."

"There was no one stopping you because you're not doing anything wrong"