Daubeny Primary School
Hackney, London: 2000
Funded By:
Hackney Wick Public Art Programme
Construction Budget:
£ 100,000
Landscape Architect:
Kinnnear Landscape Architecture

Our highly innovative playground design for Daubeny has transformed a bleak chaotic playground into a sociable and playful environment. The scheme for the playground was developed through the use of an Experimental Playground Consultation. This was the first time we used this approach, which went on to form the mainstay of our practice.

The new design incorporated many unique features including: Rotating Platforms, a Forest of Poles, and a Giant Zebra Crossing. There was also a hill, illuminated boulders and oversized mobile planters. All of this came together to make a fantastic flexible playful space which is also practical for the needs of the school.

As well as being a tremendously sucessful project in itself, this was a critical project in the development of the Snug and Outdoor ethos and approach, representing a key moment in a series of projects in which the experimental alteration of environments at full scale was the major factor. This idea became integral to our aproach, and remains a driving force in our work

The scheme was awarded the Hackney Design Award 2004 for innovative design in the built environment.

The New Economics Foundation monitored and evaluated the impact of the new playground over a two year period.

daubeny School, Experimental Playground project

"This project has completely changed the psychology of the playground.... there is more interaction taking place- and it's nice interaction!"

"The whole project has dramatically changed the way we think about design and how we, at the Hackney Wick Public Art Programme, approach design projects"
(Lucy McMenemy, Curator)