Spark Park
Houndwell Park, Southampton: 2007
Southampton City Council
landscape Architect:
LDA Design

Spark Park will be a remarkable new playground for the centre of Southampton, re-defining notions of accessibility and setting a new standard for inclusive play in the region and beyond.

An extensive consultation process was carried out with local special schools and Mencap groups across a wide range of abilities...

The whole of the ground surface is a play element in its own right, an undulating wooden structure from which everything emerges. Interactive sound and light features include chasing LEDs through the undergrowth, a sound wall, voice modulators and a giant sonic pebble. Specially designed equipment includes a huge communal stone slide and complex climbing and bridge structures. Large areas of sand, water and planting all contribute to make Spark Park an exciting and welcoming environment for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy together.

Extracts from Spark Park Poem written by Chris Meade and children from Cedar Special School, Ridgeway House and Mencap groups will appear throughout Spark Park.