Haggerston Secondary School
"Flooding The Playground"
Hackney, London: 2003
Haggerston Secondary School
Funded by:
Arts Council England, LEAP, Haggerston School, Creative Partnerships

In 2003 Snug and Outdoor conducted a residency at Haggerston School. The aim was to take a fresh look at the familiar school environment and to extend pupil's perception of their everyday space by temporarily altering and re-shaping it.

Working closely with Angela Hussey, Head of Art, we ran a series of sculpture workshops for Year 8’s and 9’s exploring the architecture and physical character of the school. The project culminated in the controlled flooding of part of the playground and the creation of a temporary lake - ‘Haggerston on Sea’. The circle of water completely changed the use and character of this part of the school, which became calm and gentle with staff and students coming outside to eat their lunch together.

As the project progressed other departments became involved including, Geography, Science, Technology and Drama. An exhibition of the residency was visited by local primary and secondary schools as well as the whole school community.

haggerston school

"I had no idea you could make something like this"

"I heard enjoyment out there"
(Geography teacher)

"absolutely brilliant - we will use this in Drama"
(Head of drama)