Shapla Infant School
Inspiring Play
Tower Hamlets, London: 2004
Funded by:
Creative Partnerships
£ 50,000

Snug and Outdoor's re-design of the reception and infant playground at Shapla School began with an experimental playground project. Based on what we learned from the consultation we constructed a large central island with holes to crawl through, a raised area of decking with mirrors, coloured and magnetic discs, 'whispering chairs' connected by talk tubes, a steep slope covered in colourful safety surface, two dens with canopy roofs that can be removed at night and a new planting and stepping stones area.

A film of the project by Eelyn Lee Productions was comissioned by Creative Partnerships.

Shapla Infan School- Inspiring play, playground project.

"The new design provides physical and mental challenges, It really opens up the space, it looks so much bigger now"

"I love the island. It could be a boat, under water, it's a great colour and is so sturdy"

"The slope is fantastic. It really provides the children with a great challenge"

"Bigger groups are playing together and there is more sociable play"