South Camden Community School
The Quad Project
Camden, London: 2003
South Camden Community School
Funded by:
CEEN in association with Learning Through Landscapes
Landscape Architect:
Levitt Bernstein Landscape Architects

The Central Quad was an unused and disliked part of the school "It looks like it's designed for old people". The new design was developed through a temporary experimental landscape project involving students from every year.

The outcome was the conversion of the restricted rectilinear space into an inviting "Plaza" style flowing space defined by curving terraced seating and terrain that facilitates social interaction and improves circulation. In addition a dark corridor that had been a bullying black spot was transformed with the use of lighting and mirrors into a bright and attractive space.

South Camden, Quad Project

"We can socialise and talk here, it's relaxable and peaceful"
(Year 8 pupils)

"This was real consultation and I'd say to other schools trust the process and go for it!“
(Rosemary Leek, Head Teacher)